Joomla Day Boston 2013

Joomla Day Boston 2013

  • 17th March 2013

Saturday March 16th What can I say awesome day, started with a lovely welcome to the “Microsoft Nerd Center” all I can say on that is wow what a great choice for a venue. The breakfast snacks were amazing and we were off to start a day of jam packed… Continue Reading Joomla Day Boston 2013

VIP IEEE Open Web Party

  • 11th March 2013

9th March So today Barry Teoh and myself went to a speech about Open Web Standards with Tim Berners Lee, IEEE and Adobe on what they are doing to push open web forward…. I had an interesting discussion with Adobe about there stance on Open Web which I did not think was… Continue Reading VIP IEEE Open Web Party

Confoo 2013 Montreal

Confoo 2013 Montreal

  • 2nd March 2013

February 25 to March 1 I have wanted to attend Confoo since 2010 so I decided this year with my trip to North America I just had to fit it in, and I am so glad that I did. The conference was amazing, and as a fangirl of PHP it was… Continue Reading Confoo 2013 Montreal

Linux Conf Canberra

Linux Conf Canberra

  • 30th January 2013

30 January – 1 Febaury Another year another LinuxConf… lol that has become my saying since 2009 :) this years LinuxConf was great the location was fantastic and managed once again to get myself a room at the student accommodation which is something I recommended. Why student accommodation  you ask well… Continue Reading Linux Conf Canberra

Javascript & HTML5 Game Engines Libraries

  • 28th December 2012

The below link is to some Javascript & HTML5 ;Engine Libraries, in total it shows 51 examples;

CMS Expo night

  • 9th December 2012

4 December CMS Expo night was held at the King St Brewhouse last night as part of Open Source Developers Conference. The evening started with drinks and food and then followed with a series of talks. The line-up for the talks was; “Accelerate your Agency on Windows Azure” – Cory… Continue Reading CMS Expo night

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