FaceBook HQ London Visit

  • 13th September 2012

11 September Another Geek Girl Dinner I could make in London woohoo. This time it was at the FaceBook Head Quarters this was cool as they had only just set-up so it was cool to see the set-up. We got into the HQ and were taken up to the chill out space… Continue Reading FaceBook HQ London Visit

Drupal meet-up Manchester

  • 8th September 2012

7 September So I took the Virgin fast train down to Manchester to visit Paul Johnson to attend the Manchester UK Drupal meet-up and to discuss Drupal con Sydney Social Media Lead responsibilities. The trip down was great as I had received a first class ticket from Virgin due to the problems… Continue Reading Drupal meet-up Manchester

Meeting Raspberry Pi Maker

  • 24th August 2012

At the Turing Festival in Edinburgh I attended the start-up after party. It was great had been 2years since I had been in Edinburgh so seeing so many faces was awesome got to catch up with a couple of old friends and also got to meet Eben Upton from Raspberry Pi… Continue Reading Meeting Raspberry Pi Maker

Learning Sydney Career Night

  • 12th July 2012

11 July Thank you all for attending the Drupal as a Career, Drupal as a Business night. The night recived great reviews and provided insightful tips about how people started their careers and also about the larger Drupal eco-system. I have been asked to provide a link to the presentations… Continue Reading Learning Sydney Career Night

Syd PHP Febuary Meet-up

Syd PHP Febuary Meet-up

  • 1st March 2011

Attended the first PHP user group meet-up in Sydney. Was great to see the PHP guys again as always great discussions. The talks were on security and presented by Yahoo. @jazdor showed some main security issues with PHP, cross site scripting, SQL injection, man in the middle attacks. He showed… Continue Reading Syd PHP Febuary Meet-up

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