Linux Conf Canberra

Linux Conf Canberra

  • 30th January 2013

30 January – 1 Febaury Another year another LinuxConf… lol that has become my saying since 2009 :) this years LinuxConf was great the location was fantastic and managed once again to get myself a room at the student accommodation which is something I recommended. Why student accommodation  you ask well… Continue Reading Linux Conf Canberra

CMS Expo night

  • 9th December 2012

4 December CMS Expo night was held at the King St Brewhouse last night as part of Open Source Developers Conference. The evening started with drinks and food and then followed with a series of talks. The line-up for the talks was; “Accelerate your Agency on Windows Azure” – Cory… Continue Reading CMS Expo night

DrupalCon Sydney 2013

DrupalCon Sydney 2013

  • 29th September 2012

As you might have heard at the DrupalCon Munich this year it was announced that there will be a DrupalCon in Sydney. This is the first time that DrupalCon will be in the Asia Pacific Area, some are talking about will this mean a continued yearly presence for the DrupalCon… Continue Reading DrupalCon Sydney 2013

BitCoin Conference

BitCoin Conference

  • 17th September 2012

14 to 16 September Well like organising all conferences there is alot of work that goes in, and this one was no exception. The thing that made this conference different is that is aimed to be so much… It aimed to be something that presented BitCoin as well as other ideas that… Continue Reading BitCoin Conference

Symfony training day London

  • 13th September 2012

13th September I attended the symfony training day in London to learn some of the goodness that seems to be symfony in the PHP world. The training was great for 150 pound I was able to spend awhole day learning about creating some basic tasks in symfony from framework structure,… Continue Reading Symfony training day London

Brighton Maker Faire

  • 11th September 2012

9 September So I raced back from the Manchester Drupal meet-up to head off to Brighton Maker Faire. We got there the night before to go down to the set-up to meet some friends and see who was around. When I walked it the door I was greeted by Andy… Continue Reading Brighton Maker Faire

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