Barbados, BitCoin and Beach

Barbados, BitCoin and Beach

So this year ended in a visit to the Caribean for some BitCoin discussions and chats and time off in at the Beach. Was great to visit and spend time with local friends I have not seen in a few years. There is not much to say about Barbados except it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. The people are what made the trip special. Spending time with locals and learning about the local ecomony and education system.

Barbados as an economy is heavily reliant on Tourism. Over the past few years this has been a wavering source but none the less a resilient one. When it came to the cost of goods it was defiantly in the higher end of any place I have ever visited. Day to day shopping and cost of basic goods are high and salaries are not. We ended up staying in the North and South of the island and where there for just over two weeks.

There was enthusiasm for bitcoin and great discussions had around how blockchain could be used as throughout the food supply chains and specifically Rum. Barbados is famous for its cane sugar Rum and there is a high desire to maintain a quality product and reputation.

There is a different between parts of the island so do you research before you go to ensure you get the experience you are after. As out trip involved visiting friends and holding bitcoin discussions, it was not a tourist aimed one. Though we did get visits in to some well known sights and went to quite a few beach parties and cocktail evenings.

All and all it was a great trip and I would recommended anyone visit. It was defiantly a bonus to have local friends and also guides on the trip. Like any place knowing the local situation and areas is always recommended, so do some homework before you book your places and have a rough idea of what you want to do when there. Expect to drink alot of Rum.